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About Reiner

Reiner works as Software Engineer for his day job. Asides the geeky stuff, he's also has a wide skillset on other things outside the realm of computer codes. He has a numerous set of hobbies, from playing the guitar and studying other languages to being a handy man of all things. He considers himself to be a "practical engineer". He also enjoys reading the World Book Encyclopedia at his spare time.

He has been to a lot of countries and has started travelling at an early age. Raised in Saudi Arabia for 17 years, moved back to the Philippines on late May 2007. Loathes fake shawarma (the one with beef, mayo and cheese on it AKA Turks and The Shawarma Shack) and shawarma rice since it ain't real shawarma in the first place. Spent two years as an Avionics student before (finally) finishing a degree on Information Systems.